Chloé Nguyen

phototaker. international traveler based in utah. admirer of natural light. lover of blueberries. journalist by degree. curious by choice. distracted by nature. creator-of-beautiful-things by obsession

I’ve been dancing since I was two. My favorite word is therapeutic because it’s therapeutic to say. Hallmark commercials make me cry. I’m ticklish. Rap music is too much for me to comprehend. I love photographing people doing things. I like to travel the universe when I can. But here on Earth, I’m a Utah wedding photographer.

I’m the girl who loves short hair but hates the monthly visit to the hairdresser. I find Taylor Swift’s music very relatable. One Tree Hill could have gone on forever, and Dick Wolf’s Chicago franchise should never end. I have an unhealthy habit of purchasing random things I’ll probably never use. Talking really fast for no apparent reason is my specialty. And I’m extremely scared of houses with lots of rooms.

I owe the start of my photography journey to Digimon. I took after the character Kari, who wore a portable camera around her neck—and because it was an animated show, it looked very cool. And I wanted to be very cool. So I begged Dad for a camera I could wear around my neck. The cheap plastic camera gradually went from being an accessory around my neck to a memory-capturing-tool in my hands. And here we are today.

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