Chloe Nguyen Photo and Design



phototaker. international traveler based in utah. admirer of natural light. lover of blueberries. journalist by degree. curious by choice. distracted by nature. creator-of-beautiful-things by obsession.

Photography isn’t just snapping pictures—it’s about seeing the world from a different angle, like wearing a new pair of glasses. For me, it’s about storytelling through those snapshots. Every click captures a moment, a feeling, a vibe that words sometimes can’t quite express. It’s the feeling of unraveling a mystery or reading a really good book. Storytelling through a camera lens can make you laugh, cry, or just stop and think. Photography is finding magic in the everyday and turning it into something extraordinary. I invite you to come along and see the world through my lens, where every shot has a story to share. It’s a journey, and I can’t wait to show you what I see.